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passengers with larger daemons are asked not to travel at peak times where possible and to use the larger outer carriages. people with smaller daemons are asked to exercise caution when in crowded trains. as always please mind the gap.

they say that city daemons are generally smaller, less space you see, but london is a city of immigrants and commuters so you are just as likely to see a dog daemon as you are a lion. cities aren’t built for large daemons, there are crowds and narrow alleys and tubes and trains and buses to navigate but most people don’t let that stop them. there are cars and carriages and buses especially for big daemons and if your daemon is too big even for those well you can always ride them.

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Look at Esmeralda tho, she like da fuck you smokin old man get out of my damn face, you creepy

No dudebros seriously every time you think that a girl is responsible for your bodily urges, you are Frollo

you are Frollo and you will die a fiery death

so yeah

don’t be Frollo